How do you write successful articles? The important thing is to understand who the recipient is and modulate the language. Then, always remember the fundamental rules of the five W’s: What, Who, Where, Why, When, or rather what, who, where, when and why. 

Normally, these five W’s are found at the beginning of a text. Inside the piece you will find other outline information, up to the details, usually in conclusion, following an inverted pyramid model. As far as the web is concerned, there are more precise rules to adopt, because articles have indexing. The first thing to keep in mind is the correct use of keywords or “keywords”. Depending on the ones used, the article is positioned higher than another and is more visible in search engines. To write an article for the web there are some rules and they are:

– have at least 800 words;

– have interesting words – keywords – to be repeated, which must be identified through

  search engines, Google trends or platforms like Semrush;

– identify the target, a colloquial language that has rhythm and is persuasive.

As far as information is concerned, the reliability of the sources must always be verified by developing a critical sense and identifying which information comes from authoritative sources (press agencies, reliable media, institutional sources, law enforcement agencies). 

Beyond the rules, every self-respecting journalist must put his own with curiosity, creativity, involving the user in a “Call to action”.


Veronica Timperi