Sand Hostel, is the first hostel built entirely with sand


To build it took twenty-one days, the tonnes of sand used would amount to 24 tons in total. It was built in Broadbeach caliente, one of Australia’s most beloved beaches. The creator is Dennis Massoud, he himself modeled the sand on a project by Jon Dowding, a famous movie set designer. It is with this artwork that made the Gold Coast even more striking and flashy.

It is also possible to book a stop for a full night but unfortunately it seems to be almost always Sold Out due to the many requests that arrive on the portal. However try it does not even harm to take a look! This is the official site.

As we could read on the Facebook page, the structure was born from an idea of ​​Hostelworld and is completely and completely self-contained and functional. The Sand Hostel has a room with eight beds and even a most exclusive luxury room to enjoy privacy as if you were in a real hotel.

Creative themed theme of the luscious hotel made entirely of sand, are the many references to the warm Australian atmospheres, from the wild, exotic and wild features. The idea of ​​the Sand Hostel was pulled out of the very active Internet site of Hostelworld, which was asked what a good hotel concept could be to spend a few days in complete relaxation. A limited edition in everything and everything, built to the full enjoyment of tourists passing.

An initiative that recalls the trend of nonconformist hotels and which are highly associated with nature, especially the surrounding environment such as the Hotel in the Netherlands made with straw, which is the result of a truly remarkable creative recycling process. Guaranteed luxury stay.

The only problem with that, this is pretty unsuitable for anyone who hates sand in clothing.

Editor: Michael Singleton

As seen on Fashion News Magazine