To be a green communicator, it is not necessary to write for a newspaper, a blog, a magazine or work for a news programme, you can start from your social networks, the important thing is to respect a few small rules. First, punctuation and correct Italian writing are the key to success. Respect the capital letters at the beginning of the sentence and the period at the end, and when you put the ellipsis… three is more than enough. If the context allows it, use emojis to express your mood.

Furthermore, particular attention should be paid to the type of communication for each individual social network. While on Facebook you can dwell on expressing a concept, on Instagram you communicate through the image. As for hashtags, on Facebook they are practically useless, on Instagram they are used to describe what is published and to be found by those who don’t know us. Twitter is intended for extremely topical news, the face of real-time communication. LinkedIn is the professional social network par excellence, while TikTok is a very recent social network in which one communicates through videos, not only ballets or light things, but also many more demanding topics. So, you just have to find your favorite social network and share everything you have inside.


Barbara Molinario