The wooden churches in Ukraine, a small treasure part of Unesco


In rural areas of Ukraine there is a mix of faith and natural beauty mixed with architecture of the past, where wooden churches mark the passage of different epochs, telling how much is unchanged.

The western region of the country is characterized by the presence of a vernacular architecture boasting numerous and unusual churches in wood and still today as a place of worship.

Their centuries-old existence suggests that these were originally built between the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries by those who preferred a style of Gothic construction, intertwining elements of local tradition with those of Orthodox ecclesiastical tradition.

Most of these are built on a tripartite plane that is then dismantled on orthogonal or quadrilateral domes, fascinating in these are the bell towers and the huge colored carpets. All the decorative contours with internal polychromes all point to the reference to sacred symbolism.

Among the most famous to note is certainly the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, it is located in the Carpathian region. A small jewel erected on a slope overlooking the top and adorning perfectly with the surrounding nature.

The wooden church has the peculiarity of keeping all its original parts while having a certain age. On the national territory there are about three thousand and more scattered churches, which, over the years, have become symbols of precious cult that bring back in time.

Eight of these have become officially UNESCO World Heritage since 2010, since the country has come into force to preserve / enjoy all the sacred buildings of the country.

Editor: Michael Singleton

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