The Astana Expo, has now come to an end and here it is in a nutshell


With the usual closing ceremony ranging between rhythmic music, wishful speeches for the future and many spectacular fireworks, the international event of the Astana Expo, capital of Kazakhstan, has closed. This year at the International Expo the key word was Energy. Energy is in fact the first real matter with which we can try to change our world for the better, try to eradicate old forms of exploitation and to reconvert the way we get resources for our sustenance with more balanced regimes, and in this renewable cases.

It is good public success, very involved and inclined to new initiatives, mostly to note that it is an internal audience, Kazakh, for the most, anyway the dissemination of knowledge and information are never a limiting topic in any case.

Negative note from the Italian stand that stays among those mediocre pavilions unable to astonish, yet considered our heritage it is strange that this could happen. Especially if we consider our past “energetic” with the great Da Vinci and Volta, you understand how low valued the stand has felt. Not too impressive the travel agency effect stand. However reassuring Valentina Pomatico Italian GM pavilion’s words, the success of instauration in terms of national agreements with various local realities. Italy always gave the general manager the best, especially with the national day, organized in turn between the different countries.

Certainly better, the Austrian and German cousins ​​who have boomed in attendance and appreciation, the first of these in particular attracted many investors with the idea of ​​a totally kinetic gymnastics at the scream of “Future Energy is you” winning success especially among teenagers.

Among the participants we spotted the name of the Vatican City.

With the end of the Expo, we are relinquished to the idea that thinking of Kazakhstan as a tourist destination is also possible for those who do not count on a huge capital investor, where the ground has allowed the growth of such a rapid and apparent state, as the value of energy is high, the question of survival and priorities. Still difficult is the path that will break the European bandwidth on Asian countries such as Kazakhstan, which many probably do not even know where it is.

Astana 2017 is, however, a great container of important information that preserves the future, our future and that of the generations that follow us, and which recall the fundamental aspects of our existence, but also and above all, the basic ductility of the human being capable of great adaptation, a property that could be comfortable in the immediate future, when renewable energies will no longer be considered “an addendum”; but a real need.

Editor: Michael Singleton

As seen on Fashion News Magazine