What does it take to recycle paper? Given that paper is one of the materials that can be recycled several times, when we throw something in the recycling bin we have to pay attention to some types of materials that look like paper, but aren’t. Receipts, oiled paper, papers that are too greasy, plastic cards… these products are not recyclable. It often happens that the paper arrives a little dirtier to the plants, which have to recover it to produce “End of Waste” material, and this can create problems. So you need to be careful and not throw it away together with other types of materials that can ruin it: plastics, pieces of wood, or glass. These are all recyclable materials, but they must go in their own containers. To produce a new virgin raw material, once it reaches the plants, this waste is processed, selected and cleaned of extraneous fractions. This process is fundamental and guarantees environmental and economic benefits. Furthermore, this is a sector where some professional figures are in demand at the moment. So the kids are invited to study and specialize in this sector, because we hope that the green economy will become the backbone of industrial policies. The fight against climate change also and above all passes through the so-called circular economy. The fight against climate change also passes, and above all, through the so-called circular economy and, therefore, support for recovery and recycling activities.


Francesco Sicilia