The best trends showed off at in-cosmetics 2017


After many years out of UK in-cosmetics the global tradeshow related to beauty trends and products has finally returned in London on 6th of April. Cathy Laporte, the event’s director has highlighted the show continuous grow and explained how in 15 years it became three times bigger.

Reducing pollution has been one of the main priority for all the suppliers who joined the event. Even though the issue of pollution is nothing new in the event, it has been addressed more comprehensively in this edition. We saw many good entries such as Greentech company who presented Urbalys a 360° anti pollution product due to its protective function over cellular channels.  

The full replacement of all the products whose went under fire was a source of innovation as well. This was especially true with polyethylene beads with the launch of several new series of alternative products. For example a notable product showed off in the tradeshow was the bio glitter from Ronald Britton made out of a biodegradable compostable film.

Once again the event was a good opportunity to perform out new and diverse marketing formulation concepts. Walking the path from one stand to another the people passing by were able to travel across various universes, with several formulation that most of the time has prompted out sensorial stimulations and pleasures.

Seppic for example the advantage of the fantasy environment taking inspiration from the pictorial arts they brought different artistic movements and formulas and eventually adapted them to various cosmetic related assets and concepts. Meantime Naturex has presented to the audience a series of gourmet skin care formulas based on ingredients derived from the food business.

There has been room for multitasking and all in one products as well such as Aldivia’s new kit which comprehend a 3-in-1 small kit where it is possible to try and customize a mist triggering actives and so on responding to a demand of our moment.

The next edition of in-cosmetics Global it has planned to be in Amsterdam on 17-19 April 2018.

Editor: Michael Singleton