Our houses are real mines of materials that can be reused. You can create artistic objects that express the creativity of those who make them, perhaps making them with children. Working with them is always exciting because they have a creativity and open-mindedness that we adults have often lost. Making any kind of new objects come into being from their hands is an ever-changing and content-rich challenge. What was achieved in the “Recycling is an art” workshops together with the children of Tivoli was to create small objects with a lot of imagination, thus helping the little ones to understand the concept of creative reuse. A practical example is taking a simple plastic bag and turning it into something new, like a rose, a more complex bag. Another material that would be good to reuse, because it is among the most polluting, is fabric, with which pincushions or bags can be made. Unmatched socks can instead turn into puppets or more useful things for everyday use. Metal, tin and aluminum are all things that can easily be reborn, truly giving life to a work of art. Everything that our imagination can imagine can be achieved, by finding the materials we have at home, quite easily. One of the most beautiful projects to implement would be to push merchants to recover part of their waste. Bar art comes to mind, because the bar is one of those activities that hides infinite treasures inside: caps, used coffee powder, glasses.


Irene Timperi