UNIRIMA is a trade association of Italian companies involved in the collection, recovery, recycling and trade of paper. Italy is a leader in this sector, both in Europe and in the world, we have in fact managed to reach and exceed the recycling targets that the European Community has set for 2030 10 years in advance.

Paper recycling is a historical activity in Italy, made up of companies also born at the beginning of the century. There are about 600 plants in which the separate collection of paper and cardboard is transported, and from which a new product, a raw material, “End of Waste” comes out according to current legislation, the so-called “waste paper”, which is then used to produce new paper.

In a country historically poor in raw materials, we have made a virtue of necessity, and over the years we have managed to become leaders in the recovery of raw materials from waste, i.e. from things that were thrown away. Thanks to the activity of these companies, it is possible to recycle around 7 million tons of paper in Italy.


Francesco Sicilia