What is meant by haters? They are “haters” who hide behind fake social profiles and who comment vulgarly or inappropriately on posts published on their social networks by celebrities, politicians, sportsmen, but also by ordinary people. Although hate is an ancient phenomenon, in recent years a new virtual form has been spreading on social media and the internet in general. The network has allowed the creation of many communities aimed at social improvement, but it has also allowed the aggregation of people who have negative thoughts.

Unfortunately there is no specific legislation, and this allows haters to literally spew hatred against anyone they can reach online. Racist, misogynistic, homophobic and negative thoughts on virtually any topic. But how to fight this social phenomenon? The best way is, of course, to stop the hate, not to respond back so that more hate messages arise. This letting go is an empathic solution, but it’s often useless in the case of hardcore haters. In these cases the only thing to do is report it to the platform where the comment was published in order to block that user. The best way to prevent the spread of haters is to educate young and old to tolerance, culture, knowledge of the other. We must prevent hateful behavior, but ensure that freedom of expression is not affected in any way by any form of censorship.


Barbara Molinario