The contest 2017 #roadtogreen


#roadtogreen 2017 is the contest promoted by the International forum “The city of tomorrow” and presented by Road to green 2020 in strict collaboration with Accademia del Lusso.


The priority of the contest is to promote and scout emerging artists and professionals, self-made and students via green operas that have to be innovative, original and creative and so on inspired by the values of environmental safeguarding in a view of sustainable development and reduction of waste materials.

The project has been addressed to the values of Road to green 2020, choosing one theme out of the fives proposed by the host organization. The selected themes are Food, Culture & Nature, Health, Fashion & Beauty, City, Mobility, and technology.


Podium of the Contest 2017 #roadtogreen:

The first runner-up of the #roadtogreen 2017 contest was Martina Giovanna Callea, who won with her project The Factory, her redevelopment project for a former industry in Reggio Calabria Province, won the jury’s favor, promoting the reuse of vacant spaces surrounding the area in question.


This ambitious and praiseworthy project has allowed her to win a training voucher worth the equivalent of 5,400 euros for a Professional Course to choose from the courses made by Accademia del Lusso.


At the second spot of the competition, we have Viviana Rosati e Mahashar Ghasemieh, who have presented Sirena, a dress from fashion business that is made for being eco-sustainable, inspired by the water and realized with transparent and colored plastic.

Closing the podium we find Sara Giannittelli, with her project Mother nature’s Daughter, photographic project totally focused on the nature and its representation of a fashion business that could be intended as sustainable. Expression of different worlds and traditions.


The organizers wanted to highlight the ideas more in round with the objectives and the guidelines written in the contest form. Also, the final commission came to the conclusion of giving an ex-equo to all the other competitors, since all of them had great ideas capable of skipping the initial selection of the contest.