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Sorasart, the story behind the boy who use to hug abandoned dogs

Sorasart, the story behind the boy who use to hug abandoned dogs


Sorasart Wisetsin lives in Chiang a remote city in Thailand, Thailand is by far well known to be one of the worst place to live when talking animal condition and dogs’ life conditions in particular. They use to live abadoned and they are often abused by humans passing by since they don’t want their vicinity. Nevertheless of the bad reputaion around dogs in India there’s a boy who decided to gift them a hug and therefore a small moment of joy. Let’s see the story of Soretsin the boy who hugs dogs giving them inconditional love.

Story of the boy went viral instantaneously after the video posted on its Facebook page to narrate the story of Gluta, one of the dog who has been adopted by Soratsin and so on moved in its house. But Soratsin did a lot more than just adopting Gluta, indeed there’s more to tell about him.

The dogs in India are in very critical terms, we could say that the country’s standards regarding the protection of roads and animal trickery are from the third world. Generally, the best man’s friends in this country are left on the street, deprived of primary goods such as water and food and are often ill-treated because no one wants them to get near the property.

This video was shot with a Gopro attached to the collar of a stray, perhaps a better testimony to the flocks’ living conditions.

Overcoming the barriers

In fact, affection in their life is something absolutely chimeric, no one then dare to approach the fear given by the remarkable number that reaches the specimens often gathered in flocks.

Sorasart managed to overcome the barrier of their initial distrust due to the danger they see in the human being. So close, the boy established a contact and managed to get their close proximity.

Sorasart admits that animals are not approached by animals since they do not know their intentions could become territorial and defensive, it takes a lot of sacrifices to give love, but for him, the satisfaction in seeing them reciprocate is unique and inimitable.

“I strongly advise anyone to improvise a similar action with a stray dog. Because it takes us to do it without running any dangers.”

Editor: Michael Singleton

As seen on Fashion News Magazine

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